Who is Richard Longo by Richard Longo? Perhaps this is the most difficult question which I have heard.
I’d say it’s a fighter, who discovered the beginning of the trail, knows more or less where arrive to, or at least thinks he knows, and that everyday is a another step, preferably forward.

But for a long time I suffered a lot with my decisions. I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know where I would go.

I set up my first company when I was 21. I had no idea what it was to be an entrepreneur. I had just completed a Marketing degree and thought I had enough skill to set up a business. Of course I failed, but we learn by trying, right? Today I have almost 10 years of experience, but at that time I worked for a large law firm and learned a lot about the advertising rules in the legal market. I learned exactly what a lawyer could do to succeed and create value for his company, even so, when you are an inexperienced entrepreneur, some mistakes are expected. I took almost a year to get my first 5 clients.

It took me time fighting with the most common problems of an entrepreneur. To understand the dynamics of a company, I checked for a management method that really worked for me. I passed through times of financial instability, customer payment delays due to the change in the rhythm of the Brazilian market.

Over time I was realizing that when you generate credibility in your market, it buys from you, because it trusts you. So when I started writing texts and articles on legal marketing, people began to know me and like what I was talking about. Shortly after I started to give lectures and courses, both online and offline, to a growing audience.

But more work needs more people. So I needed a team, these people didn’t fit in my office, I had to rent a larger space, the costs continually increased and I realised my model was far from scalable.
The challenge was, how can I set up a business which I don’t need staff, I can do in my house, with high return and low fixed cost? Of course it wasn’t easy to figure it out. But over nearly 10 years as an entrepreneur, you will discover more about the things you don’t want to do. There was an important moment in my search that really sounded the alarm bells.

It was a night when I was working on a presentation for a client and already passed 11 o’clock at night, that I realized at once that to act the right way I would have to change my behavior. Change the way I saw things and thus make the transition from thinking of a business model to think of a transformation model.

Then I began to look for the metamorphosis from a business, only as a source of income, to also fulfilment, creativity and meaning. Something that democratizes my ambitions and aspirations in value. That is enjoyable and connected to my skills and talent. Which is fun, original and expressive.

Today I work with Digital Business. Because with just a notebook I can produce, sell, automate, manage and connect. All with just a notebook. So what does this mean to me? First, creative freedom, because I can use my most different skills and talents to generate value for people and business. Second, financial freedom, because what I produce can be delivered from the internet to the whole world. And third, geographic freedom, because now my office is in a cloud.

A few months traveling in South America and acting as Freelancer in Digital Business, I realised the entrepreneur dream was not out of reach. I now know that in fact anyone can be an entrepreneur, set up a business without staff, anywhere in the world, with very low initial cost, profitably and still be happy and fulfilled. That is my belief, to show people that they can be much more than they think they are. This has happened to me, my whole journey is showing that.

Every day new questions arise while many others are resolved and I believe that it’s exactly why this website exists. To share my little discoveries to those, who like me, are on the pursuit of happiness.